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King of European law through Sri Lanka Sri Lanka issued a fifth task . Sent him to do it seems to be a hero disdain dry, that is, to put him in a day bullpen Aspen Austrian leather clean . Austrian leather Aspen is the king of Elis , and raised a large number of cattle. His herd all by ancient custom, locked up in the bullpen in front of the palace , which is a total of more than three thousand head of cattle . Over the years there filled with cow dung . Hercules did not know how to act in order to put in just one day manure cleaned. Hercules came before the king Aspen Austrian leather , willing to give him sweeping the bullpen , but he did not say it was the European law through Sri Lanka Sri Lanka to his louis vuitton authentic handbags Austrian Aspen eyed this leather wearing lion skin burly man , thought such a noble warrior willing to do a servant doing live , could not help but laugh. But he wants , desires attractive, maybe the warrior seek huge profits , should I give him rewarded it. If he can really put the bullpen in one day clean up , I gave him rewarded anyway , but , how can so many cattle in one day clean it? Whatever this thing one can do . King thought here , confidently said: . ” Listen, stranger, if you really can in a day , in front of the palace of the bullpen clean , I’ll give you a tenth of the herd ,” Hera Koehler Adams accepted this condition . King thought he was about to clean the hands , but Hercules was called the son of Austrian leather Aspen Philo Yu Adams , who called him to testify before the bullpen while digging a ditch, the Alfred Ostrava Pena river and the river bringing in Ostrava , flows through the bullpen , the inside piles of manure washed away .cheap louis vuitton bags for women As a result, he did not even hands dirty , to complete the task . cheapest authentic louis vuitton bags Then I heard the Austrian leather Aspen Heracles is Bong European law through Sri Lanka Sri Lanka was ordered to do it , and he wanted to bilk , denied that he made ​​a promise not to give any reward Hercules , said Heracles aggrieved , they can court. When the judge , the son of Austrian leather Aspen Philo Andean testify , claiming that it is true, his father promised to give Hercules rewarded . Austrian leather Aspen furious , no other verdict , he ordered his son and the stranger immediately leave his kingdom.

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In 1927, Charles de Gaulle and his wife t Yvonne about to usher in the birth of a third child . However, when approaching production , Yvonne unfortunately suffered a car accident , immediately fainted and was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. After treatment ,louis vuitton purses cheap authentic Yvonne turned the corner , and soon , her daughter Anna was born.

However, due to the large amount of drugs in a car accident and shock during treatment , resulting Anna was born with a mentally retarded child , its severity and the idiot is no different.

Although de Gaulle couple feel sorry , but not the slightest dislike and disgust , but more care to Anna . His wife said : “As long as Anna energy and other girls like me and Charles willing to give up everything .” Charles de Gaulle fully endorses his wife’s point of view , he said excitedly : “Not Anna own request came to earth , the two of us responsibility is to let Anna get real happiness . ”

De Gaulle was a soldier , pugnacious , in front of Anna he was so gentle, a time to play led her into the street , Anna never refused the request , but also often tell her stories, singing and making faces , funny her happy. He nearly two meters tall , in order not to give Anna a sense of distance , he often knelt down , kneel down , sit down, get down , let Anna any wound on himself , playing his cap, pulled her hair, gave her when the ride. Even in exile during World War II , he was glued to the Anna close at hand , never impatient and bored.louis vuitton purses cheap authentic Anna Although unable to speak, can be played out in his father’s side , lying in the arms of his father to see his father grimace , riding in the back of his father watched his father climb over the floor , and she is always very happy , often amused laugh.

Charles de Gaulle better tomorrow, Anna in 1937 at age 10 , it was suggested that he would Anna Foster to nursing homes, but he refused. In order to give Anna a better environment , the provincial capital he used to live frugally in Kelon shell out to buy a property . He said , where tree-lined , pleasant climate , elegant environment conducive to the healthy development of Anna .

Thus , de Gaulle take care and love Anna 20 years , unfortunately, in 1947 , on the eve of 20th birthday Anna , pneumonia claimed her life. Day of the funeral , in Anna’s grave,louis vuitton purses cheap authentic Charles de Gaulle and his wife in tears , reluctant to leave , until dark , he was holding his wife’s hand and said : . ” Come on, now she , like the others ”

President Charles de Gaulle died in 1970 , but in 1952 he was written wills and sealed. After his death , people open wills, found this passage: . ” My funeral must be held in Colombey church elsewhere if I died , I sure remains shipped back home , my grave to be buried my daughter Anna . place on the tombstone just write : Charles de Gaulle . ”

De Gaulle’s desire is very simple , is to make Anna feel like other normal children. From soldiers to generals , to the president, his unswerving desire . De Gaulle’s understanding of people say , only in front of Anna ,louis vuitton purses cheap authentic this stereotype has been grim , grim majesty , supercilious officer was forgotten their dignity. The fact is that he not only did not lose their dignity , and let mentally retarded daughter to live with dignity , his great father himself earned more dignity .

De Gaulle was a great general, a great president , but also a great father. He said: ” To make the president of a country , the first to do a child’s father .”

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That day, Ms. Li Sisi beer Baroque walked into a bar selling drinks rooms , ten minutes after the tears ran out. A dyed blond youth who heard the manager yelling : “Is not pulling her hand so that you do As you leave the GAO put my face to see her scratch the …… ? ? ! ”

Li Sisi dressed in white dress sitting on the bar ‘s high chair cried a lot .陈 泽伟Li Sisi ‘s cry attracted the attention of a man , he is sitting next to – the general manager of the city’s largest real estate developer Yongchang Land Company . Chen Zewei early attention to this girl , cheap louis vuitton purse she not only looks beautiful youth , there is a gentle temperament, especially her laugh, so inspiring. Chen Zewei from the heart and said: “This really is not for you ! ”

Li Sisi told Chen Zewei , she always liked to draw, vowing to when someone like Leonardo da Vinci as a great painter. Last year, she was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts , but her family simply can not afford to pay . Li Sisi shy to say : “I have said to myself , just to be a painter, but eat more bitter all at the expense of a little aggrieved freak , you will not laugh at me , right? ” Chen Zewei quickly said: ” how will it? , I think you’re a wonderful girl . ”

Since then, Li Sisi often chat with陈泽伟talk to talk about ideals of life , Chen Zewei gradually in love with this beautiful girl. That day, Chen Zewei with Li Sisi went to a seafood restaurant . And Li Sisi together, let Chen Zewei feel that they live up whole life , unwittingly became drunk . Li Sisi also drunk, leaning on陈泽伟soft shoulder . Li Sisi looked smooth and delicate jade-like face, Chen Zewei mysteriously took her to the hotel.

The next day , watching the program stream sounded Li Sisi , Chen Zewei look of guilt : “I’m sorry , Sisi , I do not know if you’re still a virgin you do not want to be Leonardo da Vinci ,cheap louis vuitton purses for sale I can help you . ? .” Li Sisi ‘s in陈泽伟arms secretly laughed, she seemed to see a bright dream straight Roman road , and this is his scheming bright road paved . On one occasion, she and her classmates went to play Baroque Bar , where being hit陈泽伟got drunk, he was instantly recognizable Li Sisi Yongchang , general manager of the company . Later, she found Chen Zewei often go Baroque Bar , went to there as a waiter , and Chen Zewei purpose is to come to a beautiful encounter . But there has been no good chance that day , Li Sisi did not want to wait any longer , it Naoliao the blond youth, and then bathed in tears and sat beside …… Chen Zewei

Prepare for the Li Sisi Chen Zewei a house , and now she is not hard to go out to work , but to stay in the warm house, the creation of her favorite paintings . Chen Zewei can not stay with her ​​every day , because he has a wife .

Li Sisi Chen Zewei not pestering , which makes Chen Zewei think she cute, this is Li Sisi desired effect.louis vuitton cheap purses Moreover , she did not have so much time with Chen Zewei affectionate , she wants her favorite painting creative intentions . Now she carefully created a painting should be completed , and she give it a name , called ” tears of Mona Lisa .”

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Optimistic defeat frustration ( Newton et al setbacks )

At all times , because there are very strong and effective optimism to overcome all difficulties and obstacles to win a lot of people . When Newton invented gravity theory , the whole world against him ; Harvey (Harvey) invention circulation theory , when the whole world against him ; Darwin’s theory of evolution , when announced , people around the world against him ; Bell (Bell) first when making a call , the world ridiculed him ; Wright (Wrigt) beginning with hard labor in the manufacture of aircraft when the world ridiculed him. Talked about Sun Yat-sen , the first speech at the Nanyang National Salvation Revolution , when people have time to listen to only three .cheap louis vuitton backpacks for men This is because many people are holding the spirit of optimism , but for the world praiseworthy .

Very strong and effective optimism , enabling people to overcome the confused world , blind obedience, cold , horror, resentment and rebellion . And more great work , also suffered against the more powerful, simply become a imperative , to deal with this terrible revolt , the most important weapon is optimism. One person , the lack of optimism , it is inevitable in the face of all kinds of demons defeated .

Ill-fated Su

Su Song famous writer , painter . He was then ” reformers” in some people accused of ” derision affairs of state “, ” harboring evil intentions ” , was arrested and interrogated almost gave their lives , known as ” Wutai poem .” After Exile Huangzhou . 1085 Ancestor died Zhezong throne, high queen regent. High Empress discontent new law , immediately hired the old party call . Sima Guang are back in power , Su Shi was transferred back to the capital, either in the book Scheeren , Hanlin ,cheap louis vuitton backpacks for men letters patent and other staff. After the occurrence of the same old party differences . After his old ruling party , exposing corruption were attacked , which , he aroused fierce opposition from conservative forces , so again be false accusation . 1089 , Su was again banished from Beijing , as the prefect of Hangzhou . 1093 , high Empress died, Zhezong ruling , again recall Reform faction in power towards the political situation becomes raw swerved straight Yan changes. Su second year in June , was banished farther, dismissing it as Ningyuan Jun Jie Du Fushi, settled in Huizhou ( now Guangdong Huiyang ) . Over later years exile . Su another heavy blow to AD 26 July 1101 , the 66 -year-old , and finally died of grief cheerful , ending his ill-fated life.

Many popular masterpiece Sushi is written at the time was banished . Such as: the word for ” slave Jiao · Chibi Kaiseki ” prose ” basketful Gu Yan Ji” , ” Fangshan Zi ” and “The mind Chengtiansi night ” before and after ” Red Cliff” and so on.

Lifetime bumpy Barr hole g

August 21, 1850 , in Baltimore holes funeral, Hugo caused egg word has these words: “In the middle of the great characters, Barr hole g is the greatest one ; in the middle of excellent character , Barr hole g is the best one. … what a pity ah !cheap louis vuitton backpacks for men  that strong, and never stop fighting philosophers, thinkers , poets, writers of genius in our midst , he lived a life of ups and downs , the aftermath of all the greats in any era the battles are over , and the unfortunate aftermath and now he’s gone and he walked out of the troubles and pain . ” Yes, Balzac , had a rough life . Childhood on the lack of motherly love. Family and his mother , for his indifference , his family seems to be superfluous . Balzac later recalled this period of life , he angrily said: . ” I never know what motherly love ” , “I experienced a fate suffered by people in the most horrible childhood” grew up determined to engage in impoverished literature. creation. When a ” literary king .” From the summer of 1819 , in an attic all day at his desk writing. Attic right close square . Jane recruits his shabby home , hot summer , cold winter whizzing . He did not during the day , no night , no entertainment , always kept writing . The results in the process of dealing with constantly deceived booksellers that debt. Debt of up to 100,000 francs . In order to hide debt , he moved six times . His friend said: ” I ​​always was a bit of bread , candles and paper to worry about creditors persecute me like I used to persecute rabbit running around like a rabbit .. .” Barr hole grams, hard life writing, often cocoon from 18 hours of continuous work . In less than 20 years, he was a total creation of 91 novels. Have a wider impact in the world, but his life is spent in poverty and misery. He had his own sentence : ” Labour have spent a lifetime in pain and poverty are often not well-understood . .”

Troubled Cervantes

Cervantes , the Spanish in the 16th century a famous writer . His masterpiece “Don Quixote ” popular in the world. Is called immortal. Cervantes troubled life , the decline of aristocratic birth , the family was poor, his father since childhood rushing out to make a living . 22 -year-old joined the army at the battle of Turkey , left maimed . After the pirates had been captured , sold into slavery in Algeria , have gone through hardships .cheap louis vuitton backpacks for men After being freed ransom parents , who act as quartermaster in the Navy , and later life without jail unjustly , then a 7 socialite forcing people to live lives of hunger and cold . He wrote in such a predicament in the “Don Quixote “, ” Numancia “, ” good and evil stories” , ” Jialadaiya “, ” Barr that Adams Travels “, ” eight new between comedy and farce eight new curtain ” and a number of influential works .

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Frustration can not stop the strong (Heidi Zhang Lizhi taught)

Heidi Zhang serious paraplegic since childhood, several verge of death, the body count of the weak. But 20 years ago, she learned four foreign languages,cheap louis vuitton belts men translated the works of more than 160,000 words in foreign languages, a master’s degree in philosophy and has taught himself acupuncture techniques to treat more than 10,000 people person, made a great contribution.
Compared with Zhang Haidi, those of us who bodied and when do?

Yong setbacks when the power (Verne 16 Contributor)

The famous 19th century French science fiction writer Jules. Verne’s first work, “balloon on five weeks’ consecutive voted 15 publishers, not being appreciated, 16th submission will be accepted. American writer Jack. Originally Posted London, nor a publishing house willing to publish, so he had to buckle down coolies. Later, his “Tales of the North” was the one discerning “Western Monthly” fancy, fame. Famous Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen debut came, people knew he was a shoemaker’s son, that attacked his work “not words verbiage,” “cheap mens louis vuitton do not understand the grammar,” “do not understand the rhetoric.” But he did not give up, pen stopped working, finally famous. After the age of 19, British poet Lord Byron writing “idle time” was published, that it was he yelled “discredited by a few,” said he, “to express their feelings on a lifeless swamp.”
However, Byron did not retreat, but with more excellent poems to retaliate that detractors.

Adversity struggles, bitter pleasures, celebrities reading the story (Goldsmith its struggling illness)

Goldsmith it is our science writer. When studying abroad, there is time to do the experiment, a train equipped with viral encephalitis in glass breakage, the virus invades his cerebellum. From left maimed body bane. He endured the torture of the virus, to learn all over the University of Chicago doctoral programs bacteriology. After returning home, he dragged his half-paralyzed body, arrived in Yan’an work. After the liberation of disease progression, talk and action are very difficult, even wide open, sleep a wink all need someone to help. But he is still an amazing creative spirit to endure hardship, has written more than 100 million words work.
Someone asked him bitter is not bitter, he smiled and said: “!. louis vuitton mens belt cheap Not bitter because I have been a daily struggle, the struggle is endless fun.”

Suffering is also an asset (“Father of the Western Folk” Wang Luo)

Wang Luo, who is known as China’s “father of western folk” music guru, life after drinking Ke, behind bars, their wives and children, the long-term psychological stress is enormous adversity.
However, he has to “worth a stroll” attitude, to join in the northwest desert Smoke among created “in that distant place” and many more western folk songs.

Experience frustration, more energies (Bailey and correspondent)

After Bailey fame, has a reporter to interview him. “? Your son in the future whether in conjunction with you, it became number one generation,” Bailey replied: “Because he does not live with me during my childhood environment different living environment is very poor, but I precisely.
this harsh environment to hone my strong fighting spirit, so I placed to become the world number one, and his life of ease, without undergoing a difficult temper, he can not become number one. ”

Setbacks never discouraged (Edison will not be intimidated by the fire)

A fire burning rubble of the laboratory. Edison Research has all the information and patterns of sound film was burnt to ashes. His wife was sad crying out: “How many years of effort, called a burned his shirt and now you are infirm, how this can do ah!” Edison is very sad, but he would never lie therefrom mens louis vuitton belts When inventing the light bulb, he has experimented with more than 7600 kinds of materials, failed 8000 times, still not discouraged, and finally successful. Right now the fire is also not make him retreat.
Edison said to his wife: “Never mind, I do not look 67 years old, but I’m not old from tomorrow morning, everything will start again..”

Resilient is Junjie (Revival of Gou)

Wu Yue defeated in 494 BC. Goujian had “resigned trial gift” to Wu summation, waiting to make a comeback. Gou first with beautiful gold and silver jewelry bribery king and his court, but also with his wife hostage, when the groom himself as king. Gou also king Songcha meal, side feces urine, and finally won the Wu Wangxin any, to be released. Gou survived after returning home, Revival, side continued tribute Wu, side gather soldiers training.
Finally, he led tens of thousands of crack troops, completely defeated Wu achieve a Zionist volunteer to wash the shame.

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Almost 8 years old, his addition and subtraction within 10 still considered a mess. Father playing under the foot of the stone hit him pulled up , gave him a bag that go to school .

Parents spend all day thinking he could have a positive operating students. One fall , he dipped in black ink on the walls of his home and drew a four corners of the pavilion , trees tall trees , and some sparkling water. Neighbors said the boy painting Debu Lai , in the future when a painter it. He thought ,cheap louis vuitton handbags when he will be able to visit villages in the painter , and it consciously or unconsciously look carefully painter work. That year , a man home to his Uncle painting walled son, also painted a landscape , but also the title of the “Guilin Jia world,” the word , he knows that “Jia ” word wrong, but did not dare to speak out.

Just not sure whether he can become a painter when his parents discovered another ” strengths .” Once he and the boy next door spring four , cut the pattern of many cats and dogs , holding a flashlight got into the henhouse ” put the movie .” In several sections wasted battery after his father went to the commune to find projection team of people, see if I can find next to him to make a living , even doing anything , what can hug the film . Later, the village commune ‘d give them one of those places , but not to him, but the party secretary ‘s son.

Seeing no hope when the painter , and when not to put the movie, parents should let him go home contemplating a farming and premeditated to set a girl for his neighboring village . At this time, he even admitted they sleepwalk county high school. Father once made ​​a worry . On the right, not only will miss the fields of living , but also missed the neighboring village girl , more important is the village side who never admitted to college , so do not believe their family graves have this grass, My father said , not on it. Mother to see him hesitated , saying , go ahead , take things one step .

On completion of high school, he was admitted to a third-rate college. If his life so go on, graduated, back to the old tutor to teach, perhaps life on earth had finished so no waves . However , sophomore year, he was suddenly an idea to emerge . At that time , the school office with a copy of your newspaper , there is a supplement , a month to the twelve ,cheap louis vuitton handbags and he often common with students in the above article published . He thought, before graduation , they have to complete a little desire , and that is sure to publish an article in the newspaper supplement , put his name in print . He began frantically write something , after finished , take it to allow teachers to teach writing to see , a little to get praise , you vote for the school newspaper editorial department . Later, the teachers do not want to read, and he laid his head on her own . To this end , he read many books , but also browse a lot of newspapers . However, the vote for many newspaper articles , are a dead letter .

He did not want to pour their own efforts in these documents throw, try holding the idea , he told the Daily News the city to cast a few , the result of unexpected things happened, his words actually appear in the city Daily on . Later , his name have appeared in the press outside the province . Since then, he is more diligent in the creative aspects of literature, because he found that he still has an unexpected talent themselves .

This person is Pingwa . This is a pen in his speaking out . After the finish , he was quite a feeling to say that more people in this world , is being arranged with someone else ‘s life had finished , which was arranged with the school gate technology , which are arranged into a school , in which units are arranged with work …… but never really arrange for themselves, one thing to do . People at this time , most need to have a bench, you stand up,cheap louis vuitton handbags will find that you still have not dug out many talents and wisdom. The only stool , an idea that suddenly broke your heart , an idea .

Finally, he smiled and said , no this stool , you never see the dream , let alone have it.

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Because distressed loved men, women have opted for a water-like gentle care of her man.

He became a single father when his daughter just 7 years old. After saying good-bye to that kind Tumor Hospital, the woman , the daughter of a small clutch of his day. From then on, he began spoiled daughter. The woman said, “I was that way because he ‘s in love with him ……cheap louis vuitton speedy 30 that day, he took his daughter outing , he walked side by side, holding her hand , a fatherly very competent .” They are in love after that soon began. “You know what? Your father looks even better than doing lover , very good-natured .” This is what she said to him words of love the first sentence .

13 -year-old girl has been ,cheap louis vuitton speedy 30 to say nothing let her into the house . He is prepared to meet three people dinner in the kitchen put out three days after drained , the mother pulls out a photo of her daughter , amplification, put on his new house …… scheduled

They had to get back before re- appointments that often go home the teahouse .

She is the only child , the family is very traditional , elderly parents to worry about vision guess her first love . He went to her home. After her father sat alone in the night before saying: ” Very calm , older , big bar …… ” She heard his father sighed softly . The next day he took her to buy a ring, a wedding scheduled on the first Sunday after the spring .

Now, he sat on a chair teahouse , head down, without words. She approached him , crouched beside his face looked very close . Man’s eyes filled with their names , where it is obtained from the daughter of defeat . She felt something was knocked over , the heart slowly melt into a soft sweet toffee was no strength resentment.

She knows that next year ‘s wedding will not be there, because of a stubborn little girl.

The following spring , her daughter and classmates outing , turn the car on the highway . Girl lying in front of his father remains intact . He sat in a chair outside the hospital on his hands leaning on his knees , cheap louis vuitton speedy 30 head bowed, stand in front of a strand of hair . Her first time rush , nobody hallway lights broken, the light is dim . He grabbed her arm , as hopeless hands into her skin kind can deduct the air force . She put his head tightly in his arms , with two arms , patrol ……
One can not talk about the love story, but always love totter until suffering became prematurely love affection .

They eventually did get married , because after he lost his daughter suddenly old , and nothing to do her husband’s passion. But she did say was telling Laofulaomu registered a record , and then openly moved into his home , not because of the stubborn girl , but because she loves men who are not distressed it !
Women start a clean slate , cooking, spend time with life , seems to have anticipated the brilliant realization submerged in the days .
I think a woman retired and sit laughed : “I thought to find a mountain , did not expect to be turned into a river …… “

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Rumsfeld stiff understand style . When we got married 31 years ago , I found him taciturn . My second observation is that he does not like roses. After we moved into a new home , in order to widen the road in front , he got it pulled out already blooming roses. In his mind, Rose simply means pruning, watering, covering , fertilizer – in short, is a waste of time . If he decide to create the perfect garden hedge trimmer and just a lawn mower . And I cherish roses.where can i get cheap louis vuitton bags, To that beautiful fragrant flowers , I think every minute of labor is worth .

One winter, I spent several nights immersed in the Rose map for my little garden for planning. Spring, I ordered a few varieties of roses in England , and then open up a lawn, the roses planted . Throughout the summer, I braved the heat to water them every day . My heart seemed to have seen the fruits of their own labor – the kitchen windows everywhere Hongyan , fragrant . But life quickly diverted my attention.where can i get cheap louis vuitton bags I fall in the lower abdominal pain , go to the hospital for examination, unfortunately, our worst fears come true : colon cancer, needed surgery immediately. Postoperative also undergo a six -month chemotherapy, I painfully admitted to the hospital .

A month later, I am still in recovery after surgery in . One day I was lying on the couch and watch TV with Rumsfeld , weather forecast says there will be cold and snowfall . “Oh, Rose did not do a good job for the winter ready for it .where can i get cheap louis vuitton bags” He said then dressed and went to the garage. A few minutes later , I limped into the kitchen , Daoliaobeishui . Suddenly, the scene outside the window makes me tears. Rumsfeld being bent , meticulous root roses each strain coverage is good. I could not help but smile , indeed, the old couple ‘s love and love , sometimes no words are superfluous.

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50 years ago, 20 years Fang Liu Guojiang boy , he fell in love with the big 10 -year-old widow Xu Zhaoqing , for this love to shock the world , on a clear moonlit night they fled into the unexplored deep forests , 50 years each other, live almost isolated pure love of life.

Their paradise, their stories , the expedition was a first exposure , and then follow-up report Chongqing television and other media , so we saw this picture of life in the elderly peaceful contentment .cheap louis vuitton outlet store It is a beautiful clear morning , 80 -year-old actress Xu Zhaoqing quiet old man sitting inside the door to pick potatoes, select vegetables, to the outside from time to time around, her face a kind of quiet beauty ; in front of the ground husband looking down hoe excavators , occasionally glance back door that their homes and gradually grow old with his wife . They often use such as the Coast to Coast like eye contact , so picture , simple, but beautiful and enviable .

Liu Guojiang and Xu Zhaoqing

Such living farming men and women weave a flash over 50 years. Even more incredible is that her husband Liu Guojiang in the mountains outside of the cliff leading to almost a lifetime of effort to hew out of 6,000 stone steps , that is the way to heaven ladder of love , each level in 50 years ago they confirmed earth-shattering romance. Granny Xu Zhaoqing married in her 16 years old . Badlands of beauty, but the beauty of this grass , but ill-fated , married 10 years , and her unfortunate husband die, leaving her four children. Those difficult days of bitter , even salt did not, she usually in addition to farming , also collected wild mushrooms , straw sandals barely subsistence …… At this time, the same village as an electro-optical Liu Guojiang guy appeared, the prime of his frequent initiative to help her do the heavy work , carrying water firewood , take care of household chores. But behind the occlusion of the village as such a thing can not be held in contempt for the people , and they looked down and spit in someone’s yard Stars struggled , and finally one day , they decided to leave the crowd , toward unpredictable primitive man’s land , submerged in deep forests ……

They brought tools , carrying fire, simple household items and four children left the homeland called high- Tan to inaccessible mountains in . In retrospect, they did not know was how the birds did not fly over the tall peaks of the past , it was a natural barrier . God has eyes, they finally found a cave behind the ridge, spring flow along the wall to go down the hill , where it became their first home. cheap louis vuitton outlet store This is out of the eyes of the people of discrimination lover , hand pick the water , looked up at the sky , watching the sun draw a rainbow on the Falls Road, a small , smiling. They gave a new home to take a very good name : shuiliandong . In this way, they began the myth generally love life.

Here, they chisel the stone walls eyes, then put up with shelves made ​​of bark and bamboo for shelter , living here for eight years. Here again, they gave birth to four children. Mountains often have wild animals , tigers often heard howling , husband on fire all night guarding his wife and children . These are nothing, they most distressing is: painstakingly cultivated corn , potato , sweet potato , pumpkin , seeing you can harvest , but one night was wild boar , monkeys, hedgehogs and other bad elements to divide up the whole . Many times they had to find a couple wild eat, then watch the moon lonely hills , silent , silent, to hear each other as long as the lover ‘s heart , will no longer complain, there is nothing more practical than hugged loved ones, sweet ?

Aoyama is still lonely lush with, but fortunately there is love go hand in hand . Was supposed to love and frozen mountains , but for the normal life of eight children , they must be quietly down Liu Guojiang Pathfinder …… if only the two lovers , they can be everywhere at home , but because they have children , they must give love of a family , so Liu Guojiang two kilometers away with his family to the back of the cove Burnt mud , several tile soil after five years of effort, finally cause .cheap louis vuitton outlet store Maybe simple, but thick walls with fine love and perseverance . Borrow , bad luck , roofs , shouting over the burn , every one watt for all of his efforts , more than thirty thousand tile , like thirty thousand a day and night firing ……

To make a living , intelligent Liu Guojiang actually ” captive” from rebellious wild bees , gradually also on the scale of honey for cash, to improve the lives of the children also learned his craft , after coming out to support themselves from the bees.

Where they live is Banpo mountains, and homeland high Tan , originally had a thorny path connected , then , Liu Guojiang and Xu Zhaoqing is along this road up the mountain . This is the hill outside to sell honey, the only way to buy salt . Liu Guojiang afraid his wife travel dangerous , from the mountains that year , began among the rugged cliffs and the Millennium Guteng chisels to open up their love ladder . Every slack , Liu Guojiang will be holding a soldering iron , hammer , chisel way to bring dry food . Between Castle clouds, he struggled to hit the chisel , chisel twenty rotten roots brochettes , chisel over half a century , hewed himself an old man . Full repair for 50 years, every step , he wiped the palms with thick , because moss will slip .

Road repaired, sons and daughters have all grown up , have come to the mountains outside to find their own feelings and life, mountains, leaving only the old couple . Every time her husband down , Xu Zhaoqing in the mountains look, heart empty ; every time his wife down the mountain, cheap louis vuitton outlet store Liu Guojiang must take her to send down the mountain side to the single-plank bridge , to a safe place …… testified that ladder , they who are away who does not open . Before this ladder of love , we will reverence heart , unwavering love for their 50 years of reverence.

This is a happy old man, only this life husband and wife, there is no afterlife duck , it ‘s time to cherish life , after all, getting old , can spend long? Children who have advised parents down with dignity , but all were rejected , they say, in the mountains have become accustomed to . As a witness of the love of two elderly people , and that 6000 ladder , and which opened up the mountains hoe hoe pastoral , that big cover a five-year Tsuchiya , share of heavy Genesis -like memory , always will be two of them .

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He met her at a party , when she was young and beautiful , surrounded by many suitors, but he was a very ordinary person . Therefore, when the end of the party , he invited her a cup of coffee at the right time , she was surprised, however , out of politeness , she promised.

Sitting in a cafe , the atmosphere between the two was very embarrassing , no topic, she just wanted to end soon . But when Miss the coffee was served , he suddenly said: “Can you take some salt over my coffee habit put some salt .” At the time, she was stunned , too stunned lady , everyone’s eyes are on to him body, so that his face was red.

Miss the salt to take over, and he put a little into it, slowly sipping .cheap louis vuitton bags free shipping She is a heavy woman curiosity , so very curious and asked him: “Why do you salt it? ” He was silent , very slow almost said slowly : “As a boy , I lived at the beach I always soak in the sea , the waves fight over , water poured into his mouth , bitter and salty. now, for a long time did not go home , coffee salt , even if it is a manifestation of homesick . ” she was suddenly impressed , because this is the first time she heard the man in front of her homesick , homesick men must be family man , and family man must be loving family man . She suddenly had a desire to talk with him about his hometown thousands of miles away , the atmosphere gradually become harmonious together , the two chatted for a long time , and she did not refuse him her home.

Later still , two people frequent appointments, she found that he actually is a good man, generous, attentive , considerate , she meets all of the outstanding men should have appreciated features . She secretly glad that , thanks to the prevailing manners, and it did not pass him . She took him to all over the city every cafe , every time she said: ” ?cheap louis vuitton bags free shipping Please take some salt to please my friends like coffee salt ” and then later, like a fairy tale book written Like , ” the prince and princess married, from living a happy life .” they really had a very happy , but one that is over forty years , until he got sick shortly before his death.

The story seems to end, if not the letter of the words.

That letter was written before his death , was addressed to her : ” I have been deceived forgive you , I still remember the first time you drink coffee. Atmosphere was very poor , I feel ill , and very nervous, ? I do not know how to think, even for the lady said to take some salt , in fact, I do not add salt , and then since that came out, had to be wrong wrong . did not think that aroused your curiosity , this look , so I drank the rest of my life salt coffee there many times , I want to tell you, but I’m afraid you will be angry , but I’m afraid you will therefore leave now I finally not afraid of the dead always easy to be forgiven , right ? this life you are my greatest happiness , if there is an afterlife , I also want to marry you, but I do not want to drink coffee with salt , coffee , salt,cheap louis vuitton bags free shipping you do not know , it tastes , how difficult it is to drink ! ” letter content to let her surprise , she also kind of felt cheated . However, he did not know , she would tell him: . ” She is so happy , it was for her, to make this whole life of deceit .”

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